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9/29/2020 : 3:21 am : +0200

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Tradition and quality under the same roof

Our flexibility and deep knowledge of the market have made our growing company into a reliable partner in the European pallet market.

We have been supplying industry and the retail trade with all-wood pallets since 1975. We offer fast delivery, responding flexibly with pallets for almost any use. We know exactly what our customers require and are always in a position to offer you just the pallet you want. 

We are very quality-minded and do our best to treat our customers, suppliers and employees as partners, thus giving our family-run company its personal touch.

Our employees are well-prepared to meet all customer wishes. Whether woodworker or engineer, all our employees bring with them the right qualifications for their jobs, enabling us to produce our pallets quickly and reliably and in line with high quality standards.

PALCO is located right in the middle of the forests of the Eifel, between the Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia, near the borders to Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and France. This central geographical location means we can supply our customers quickly and without high transport costs.